Lana in Philly, and How I Felt All the Feelings

“This is by far the sexiest show yet…” Lana cooed during her Philadelphia show on Sunday. The songstress couldn’t have more accurately described her performance and the spellbinding atmosphere she created at the beautiful outdoor Skyline Stage at the Mann Center.

Lana captivated concert goers for over an hour with her sultry torch singing backed by a four-piece band evoking the raw guitar sounds of the grunge era. Folks (ahem, critics) expecting a flashy song and dance routine should set their sights elsewhere – Lana’s renditions of classics like “Born to Die” and “Video Games” were moving and vulnerable. She seemed completely lost in her own emotional delivery, luring the audience into her sad, melancholy world. Although Lana didn’t directly interact with her fans more than a few times, she created a warm and intimate aura so often lacking in the performances of today’s perky pop singers. With each song, I fell deeper and deeper in love, acutely experiencing her highest highs and lowest lows and how they related to my own life. It was emotional recall in overdrive.

The Skyline Stage – part of Philadelphia’s stunning West Fairmount Park – was truly the best setting for a Lana del Rey concert. We gathered atop the hill, overlooking a glittering Philadelphia in the distance, surrounded by trees naturally framing the stage. As Lana softly crooned “Summertime Sadness”, her voice wafting through the lush greenery and escaping with the early summer breezes, I wanted to live forever in her summertime dreamworld.


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One thought on “Lana in Philly, and How I Felt All the Feelings

  1. Bob says:

    I stumbled on your blog. I am a huge Lana fan and saw her in Boston recently. Here is a link to a photo a friend of mine made. Thought you would like it.

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