Elegant Nails and Spa

I rarely get excited about a spa or salon because, honestly, I have my mother trim my hair and I’ve received all of four manicures in my entire life. I am perfectly capable of painting my own nails (my slight obsession with detail and perfection forces me to do a better job than most nail technicians), I like grooming my eyebrows myself, and on the rare occasion I’ve had my make up done I spend the entire time telling the make up artist what not to do. You get the idea; I shy away from letting other people fuss over my body and my personal appearance.

I walked by Elegant Nails and Spa (6th Ave between Waverly and Washington Pl) by chance last week while exploring the West Village. What caught my eye was not only the sign in the window advertising very inexpensive spa and nail treatments, but two super stylish New York ladies leaving the salon, with more flocked inside. I made the (correct) assumption that a salon frequented by seemingly well put together New Yorkers was a salon worth going to, despite the suspiciously low prices.

After a few days of debating whether or not to make an appointment, I took the plunge and scheduled a pedicure with a spa treatment and a 10 minute massage, priced at $37. My appointment was for 6:30; I arrived twenty minutes early and was promptly welcomed by a lovely front desk attendant, who seated me immediately. My nail technician Angela made light conversation, but wasn’t too chatty during the session. For the next forty five minutes¬†she gently exfoliated, rubbed, massaged, and fixed up my toes and feet. It was heavenly! I left walking on clouds with my perfectly painted red toes.

The salon is spotless, to boot. During my pedicure, I witnessed other nail technicians busily cleaning and disinfecting their stations; always a good sign!

I highly recommend this salon. It is difficult to find a decently priced – yet high quality – manicure and pedicure in the city, and Elegant Nails and Spa delivers both.

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One thought on “Elegant Nails and Spa

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    It’s so fun to go to the spa. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    – KW

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